How to Write an Informative Restaurant Review

By Adriana Noton

Writing a restaurant review is a fun way to share your thoughts and impressions about your dining experience. To write an informative review, you need to have knowledge about what key points you should include in your review. Not only is properly describing the food important, but you must have an understanding about the details of the restaurant. Once you have knowledge of the essential points to include, you then can present a well structured and organized restaurant review.

The following are a number of helpful tips to help you write a restaurant review:

1. Before you write a restaurant review, it is important to know how to structure the review. Make sure you are very descriptive and detailed. It is a personal review so emphasize your own writing style. Write complete sentences and use plenty of descriptive words and phrases. Write it in chronological order that includes from the moment you enter the restaurant to when you pay the bill and leave. Describe the restaurant in the present tense and in the second person. Using your own personality will help make the review unique.

2. Pick a restaurant you want to review. For example, you might choose Restaurants in Montreal. Or it might not even be a restaurant - it could be a cafe shop in Montreal. You want to make sure that there will be food that you like. When you enter the dining establishment, note such details as the interior appearance that includes the arrangement of tables, furnishings, decorations, colors, lighting, and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Make sure you check out the condition of the bathrooms. As well, make a note of the friendliest of the staff, how long you have to wait to be seated and its location, and if the hostess asks if you would like a beverage. When you are seated, make a note of the atmosphere of the restaurant. Is it friendly, extremely busy and loud, or relaxing?

3. Once you receive a menu, note the variety of meal choices, prices, any unique dishes, and if there are any healthy meal options. You should have an appetizer, entre, and dessert to get the full dining experience. When you receive the meal, note if the food is cooked properly. Does it have a distinctive taste such as spicy or sweet? What is the portion size? When you make your meal selection, make sure it something you normally enjoy eating, As well, note how you are treated by the servers. Are they friendly, well dressed, courteous, knowledgeable about the food and specials, and attentive? Make a note of the meal's presentation, taste, smell, and if it is hot or cold. Make sure that you use descriptive and creative words. Suggest who may enjoy the food such as families or people who enjoy fine dining dishes. As well, note how long it takes to receive your bill.

When making your recommendation, make sure you have made a note of anything you disliked about the restaurant and the total cost of the meal and if you received good value for your money. When ending the review, make a statement about whether or not you would return. Writing a restaurant is more than just reviewing the food. By understanding the key elements that should be included in the review, you will have a fun restaurant review experience and hopefully provide valuable consumer information. - 29965

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Change Your Headline and Improve Your Conversions Up To Three Times.

By Richard Newman

Did you know that copywriting tools exist? It is a powerful software to change headlines to improve your conversion rates. It saves you a lot of time and makes you earn more money. If you change your old headline never tested, by one that works, you can see your conversions rates increased up to three times.

You can try for free the software. And if you decide to buy it, you really will save money and time testing. Now you dont need spend time split testing your text elements, this is already done by the copywriting software.

The copywriting software uses a database with more than fifty thousand ads tested. It compares the phrases you introduce using an amazing algorithm. Then the software gives you a number as a result. This number tells you how good is your text to persuade people. More than 400 points can be considered as a very good score. The software knows what works because it has already tested a lot of information, but you should use your phrases into the right context.

You will discover, that with this software you will improve your conversions rates in minutes, changing your copy, headlines or ads text.

The huge database is updated monthly to ensure accurated results. More information, means more precise results. So, you never need to download the last version because the software is a web based application.

The copywriting software is highly skilled in crafting "call-to-action" marketing text which promote your business in the most effective way possible. You can be able to present your business in ways that get noticed and generate response.

But dont forget to use the right context. For exemple, follow the structure of a sales letter. Use your own testimonials, your call to action and the limited time to buy the product or service.

Copywriting skills are hard to achieve. It is a special skill, which must combine significant research of one's market; implement intriguing and compelling copy, closing with a proper call to action and being completely unique.

Copywriting software can help you to increase your sales. You should use the right words to convince people and the software guides you to achieve it. You know that only people buy.

So, dont wait to discover the copywriting tool that will provide you with significant results. Check the box below. - 29965

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Unique Article Marketing-What Is it and Does It Work?

By Todd Harmons

This particular lesson will focus on unique article marketing. I will cover two very important areas of unique article marketing. If you are serious about article marketing submitting unique articles is a must. If you just submit the same article to different sites you're articles will not be as effective or get the traffic you could achieve with unique articles. Read on for my simple but very powerful tips.

What is unique article marketing? The answer is quite simple. It is simply unique articles to the article directories. Simple enough right! Well you came to this article marketing lesson site to learn more than that! Unique article marketing is simple but it is a bit more than just submitting unique articles. Let me back up a bit.

Unique articles must not be basically the same article with just a few words changed here and there. It must contain more unique content than that. The search engines can easily detect if you're articles are basically the same. This is why you must make your articles unique.

Your article titles must be unique. This is very important. I strongly suggest a keyword tool to help you put keywords in your article titles. There are many free keyword tool sites and some that charge a fee but they are well worth it. You can have a great unique article but your readers must be able to find you. I also suggest long tailed keywords. They are more effective most of the time because the competition is so stiff for the top keywords. The main point make each title relevant to your article and include different keywords in each title.

Here is another key unique article marketing strategy. Maake articles at least 30% unique. Simple enough. It will take longer to make your articles unique but well worth the time. When your articles get submitted you may have different ones show up in the search engines. How awesome and would that be. Imagine seeing multiple domains near the top of the search engine

Last but certainly not least is a often overlooked unique article marketing strategy. You must and I repeat must make your resource boxes unique. By this I mean use different keywords and domain names in them. What this means is to insert different domains related to your articles in your resource boxes. When you do this you will help the different domains get backlinks which will drive your sites higher up the rankings.

I want to thank you for reading my unique article marketing guide. I also recommend using a article submission service that will submit your articles to the directories in unique format. I also suggest not mass submitting your articles to hundreds of sites overnight with these services. A recommended submission of 10-20 unique articles a day may get you great results. I use the Unique Article Wizard because it makes my articles unique, submits them to hundreds of article directories, and also gives you the ability to submit your articles in a natural way to the number of sites you select daily. - 29965

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Who Will Teach New Motorcycle Clubs The True Meaning Of Biker Brotherhood?

By L.J. James

I want to address a question I have gotten a lot recently. (I am sure it has a lot to do with the hit show Sons of Anarchy) It is from people who want to start new Motorcycle Clubs. They want to know if they should go to the predominate MCs in their area to talk about starting a new MC first. Many have said to me they do not understand the reason why they should go talk to them! Some have even gone as far as to say that if they have to go to the predominate MC in their area and ask permission that just proves that MC is a Criminal Gang! Not sure how they came to that conclusion but they are some very strong words sent over the computer.

I want everyone to remember I am writing this info as a guideline to those who are looking to get into the MC world and individual results may vary. This maybe some new fad to you but to true Motorcycle Club Members this world is everything!

For my answer to this Question I am going to put aside any statements of having to ask permission of the MCs in your area first. I am going to instead ask why would you not speak to the MCs in your area and get their Blessing first before starting a new Motorcycle Club. Many say it's because they are going to start a different type of Motorcycle Club. They may even be calling themselves something different like a Riding Club or a Motorcycle Association. Are your Members going to ride Motorcycles and have patches on their vests? If the answer is yes, Then again why not go speak to those who have come before you and paved the roads you now wish to ride down!

For many I know the reason they don't want to ask is simple fear! Fear of what they do not know or what they think they do know. If it is fear, then it is because you do not know the real Motorcycle Club world! Now every Motorcycle Club in the world is different. But most Motorcycle Clubs don't mind helping to get a new MC started and teach them what it really means to be in a Motorcycle Club, I can guarantee you it is something you will not learn on TV no matter how many episodes you may watch!

Now if you have decided that what you really want is to start up a new Motorcycle Club, One thing I want to make sure you know is something every Father should have taught his Son as a Child and that is "Do not lie and Always do what you say you are going to do" One fact I will also give you is the MC world is all about Respect! If you just start up a new MC without talking to the other clubs in your area that will most likely be seen as disrespectful!

Let's think about some other reasons you would want to talk to the MCs in your area first. You are going to want to make sure your new Patch or MC name is not similar to another Motorcycle Club. Many MCs have worked hard over the years to create a name and image for themselves. They will not like the idea of you either using a name close to theirs or wearing a patch that looks like theirs. The reason being is a simple one, They do not want you being mistaken for them doing anything that would make them look bad. You also could be seen as trying to ride on their coat tails by using the reputation they have worked hard for. You may not understand it now but the MC world is a Brotherhood and if you are fortunate enough to be welcomed into it, You will understand after years of working hard creating a name for your MC. The bottom line is meeting with the MCs in your area and talking with them before starting a new MC is the right thing to do!

Another fear many have is they wrongly believe they will be forced to do things for these other MC's. The only thing most Clubs may ask of you is to come to a few of their events each year have fun and again to show Respect!!!

Now I have heard complaints from many that there are areas where the MCs have decided they do not want any more new MCs! Well all I can do is guess why that might be! The reason I would think that Motorcycle Clubs would say no more Clubs in an area is that there are already a lot of different MCs in that area and they all get along real well. These MCs would not want anything new coming in and messing up the harmony they have created.

Now like I said before the reason most say they want to start a new MC is because they want to start something different then what is in that area. Well often that is not the truth. The real reason People usually want to start a new MC is because they do not want to have to Prospect! If the only reason you want to start a new MC is because you are not willing to prospect, My best advice to you is to stay an independent rider because you will not last long in the Motorcycle Club world anyway!

I am Your Bro LJ James

- 29965

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New Home for America's Leader in Content Generation

By Michele Perdue

WORLD WIDE WEB, JANUARY 31, 2010 - West Virginia Writing Services, Americas leader in content generation is proud to announce the debut of their new website home. After an extensive remodel taking into consideration comments made by their users the entire site has been redesigned to make it more attractive, easier to use and more informative. The new site is set to launch officially on February 1st but is accessible now if you don't mind a little construction going on.

In a recent conversation Mrs. Michele Walls, Founder, Senior Partner and CEO of West Virginia Writing Services spoke on the new site as well as other changes that are in the works at the Racine, West Virginia based firm, "This new site is just one piece of a much larger advancement that we are undertaking in the company, its a very exciting time to be working here. We have new clients, new partners and new contracts coming in that will take us to new heights that honestly 5 years ago I never would have imagined. All I can say is keep an eye out, this new site is just the beginning of a long term plan to bring about a whole new WVWS during 2010."

Although Mrs. Walls would not comment on the other changes that she alluded too, talk among the staff indicates the possibility that a company move is upcoming, an influx of some new talent both in the creative divisions as well as the executive offices and an expansion of services offered. There is also an excitement in the air about some major deals that are in the works which will not only increase the companies strength but also diversify its industry reach.

Mrs. Walls was all to happy to talk about the new site however pointing out that although on the surface it may appear to not have changed much, the truth is its much faster, easier to use and more secure for the customers placing orders. There is a new portfolio also which showcases some of the best examples of the companies work. These aren't some puff pieces that were specifically made for the site like you might find on other sites, but copies of real work done for real paying clients. "I am so proud of what is going on here right now. I have the best staff in the world, so creative and bright and vibrant, they love their jobs and it shows in everything that they do, this site is a great example of that." indeed the most interesting aspect of the new site is the fact that it shows that WVWS is more than just words in their business, the new site was actually built from the ground up internally by the same staff that does the projects that the company has become famous for.

The new site shares the same address as its retired predecessor, visitors are invited to stop by and have a look around and while they are there discover all the advantages that can be had by putting a content generation company to work for you. - 29965

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Why You Should Have Content On Your Website

By Tia Hippolite

Karen is a loving mum to Tommy who is having his 8th birthday party. He has begged Karen for a Spiderman cake. Being the best mum in the world is hard but Karen starts to prepare to make the best Spiderman cake ever. She does not want it to just look good, but also taste good. So she ensures the right ingredients are put into the cake itself before she decorates it to look like Spiderman. Like everything, the cake is a success and gets thumbs up from Tommy and his friends.

Now Tommy is 18 and he has asked Karen to build him a fantastic car rental website. Of course Karen does not know much about car rental but researches and studies hard to find out what would be needed to make it successful. She soon discovers that there are a few main ingredients that will help to rank a website and content is one of them. Content does not only help to distinguish what the website is about, but also helps to decorate the site. Karen had to put the right things on the Spiderman cake to ensure she did not run the risk of making it look like something different. This is similar to content for a website. It would be hard for people to understand what the site is about if it does not have relevant content pertaining to car rental.

Content is King! Adding content to a website may seem like it would be easy. However, you must ensure that the content will be relevant so people and the search engines can recognise what you are selling. It would be almost useless for Karen to add information about making Spiderman cakes to the car rental website. Although it may take up space, it would not do anything to assist the website's ranking.

If the majority of the content relates to renting a car or maybe other helpful travelling information, the search engines will deem this as being useful to the visitors to the site. This in turn will help to rank the site.

Content should be evenly spread throughout a website and not just stuffed on the homepage. This can increase the time that visitors to the site will stay reading or finding other information. Search spiders can take this into consideration to increase your rankings. Of course Karen must ensure the homepage is enticing and that people will want to search further to access more information. If Karen had not made the Spiderman cake look enticing years ago, no one would have tried it to see that the base cake was delicious.

Keywords are the main focus for having content. For car rental, Karen must consider the words that people search for to rent a car. For example, it would be very unlikely that someone would put the words - Spiderman cake into a search engine to rent a car. So Karen must determine what words she would like the site to rank for and then strategically add them throughout the content. If Karen had placed pretty purple ribbons on the cake and said it was Spiderman, Tommy would have been very confused. This is much like keywords and she needs to ensure she can rank for the more popular search terms by adding these terms into the content. Seems easy, but there seems to be many websites that add content for the sake of having a few more pages. This does nothing for your rankings unless it is relevant.

Keywords need to be spread across the content. Karen must have flowing sentences that make sense and are relevant for it to work. It must make sense and also look natural. Karen could have tried to add to the main ingredients of the birthday cake to make it taste better, but without balancing the ingredients out it may have flopped and be useless. This is similar to content. It must be evenly balanced with keywords to look natural.

Now in review, Karen now sees how important content is. She also knows that it must be relevant and it must have keywords for it to rank where she wants it. She is the best mum ever and has provided her son with successful birthday cakes and now a website that has content to intrigue visitors and provide good information about car rental. Thumbs up again Karen! - 29965

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Ten Steps Create An Outstanding Media BIO For Book And Business Promotion

By Annie Jennings

When creating a author expert media bio for book promotion or business promotion keep in mind that the primary goal is to include the information the media needs to know make a decision whether to consider you for the media opportunity. The first thing to do is to lead with your most impressive achievements, your education, your degrees, your credentials and awards or recognitions.

2. Be sure to include a listing of all of the books you have written along with the names. Also include your special reports, paper or studies that you have taken part in and note any influential affiliations. 3. Make of list of your primary topics of expertise along with your sub-topic to present a well-rounded and overall view of your entire knowledge and areas where you are considered an expert. 4. If you have been working in your area for many years, this further establishes your positioning so include how many years of experience you have.

6. If you have appeared on any media such as radio shows, TV shows or been the quoted expert in magazines, newspapers and online mention them and include the most impressive and influential. You can get into more detail on your website. 7. Do not include personal information in a professional bio unless the information directly relates to your subject matter. You can include the personal information later on your website is if fits better there. Keep you bio tight and to the point without distraction.

8. You media bio should be concise and accurate. Your information is easily verified by the media so be sure to use the exact and correct information. 9. You can include your media bio on your website along side an expanded bio if you wish that has more information for the media or your visitors. Just label is expanded bio so the media understands that you have a shorter, more concise version as well as an expanded, more detailed, version as well. However, the details must match.

10. The purpose of a professional bio for use in the media is to give them a snapshot of your expertise and your platform so they can determine if you qualify as the expert for the segment or article they have in mind. In addition to the bio, have a professional .jpeg of yourself in your professional capacity and jpeg of your book cover ready to email to the media upon request. - 29965

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